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Their tom yum ($4)isn’t the clear broth version I’d expected, but rather the creamier style. Maybe they believe the milkier, milder tom yum would have wider appeal? Ingredients were satisfactorily fresh – the squid was tender, as were the two deshelled prawns .

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  • Sometimes dry food keeps better, as beans and pulses; then being dry is a desirable trait.
  • Each piece is crispy on the outside, with tender and juicy meat within.
  • It could be tweaked to extract a bit more sweetness, as its acidity overpowered other tastes and was lacking in bitterness.
  • You’ll be spoilt for choice here – including sides, there are almost 50 dishes to choose from.
  • I’m not usually a fan of KFC because the sauces tend to be just a bit too sweet for me, but I was surprised that I actually enjoyed Pink Candy’s version of spicy chicken wings (9 pieces for $14.90).
  • The highlight is the incredible porky flavour, unmatched anywhere else I’ve tried.

There are also food recipes and wine suggestions so you can experience the same flavors at your table, like trip to the place without leaving your home. No need to know all about it, your food and wine will taste just as good. Yummy food is scrumptious, delicious, delectable, luscious, great tasting, much more than tasty, really appetizing, lip-smacking; the kind of food to have you licking your lips in anticipation.

Chicken Tikka Biriyani

To ensure flavour consistency across all its outlets, all proprietary sauces and marinades are imported from Seoul. Prices here range from $12 to $18 for a meal and $3.50 for an espresso. It started off with a citrusy tartness, before proceeding to a fruity sweetness in the middle and ended with just the right amount of tannin bitterness – by far the best espresso in this list. Their full menu is up on their Facebook page, but you’ll have to check their Instagram page for off menu specials like charcoal grill pomfret fish or tandoori prawns. Think I’ll be back soon, with a cold beer in hand to counter the spice.

Bukit Timah Korean Restaurants Jjang!

Choose your noodles, soup base, main ingredients and optional top-ups, and you’re done. The you mian was sold out by the time I got there, so I ordered a classic ban mian ($4) and an abalone slice mee sua ($5). Granted, many restaurants in Singapore serves up hearty Peranakan food, but rarely do you have Peranakan buffets that make the mark… If you are a sucker for all-things Tom Yum want a really shiok Tom Yum Goong that will challenge your intake of spicy food, this is definitely one dish you should order.

Harness your inner Singaporean and take as much Ikan bilis, tofu, ikan bilis, unknown potato and kimchi as you can. Take the ikan bilis which taste surprisingly nice, almost like it just swam in msg water and got cooked immediately. Eatbook offers honest reviews and recommendations on Singapore food. Lunchtime dining is also available, to which you can order tortilla pizzas, pasta, and sides to offer you a midday pick-me-up. Fluffy without being overly airy, this pillowy pancake leaves a seafood-like sweetness that lingers on the tongue.

As per usual, there’s a minimum quantity of 6 pieces per order. Yi Kang Fish Soup has neither the online presence nor the prime real estate the other fish soup stall enjoys, but is it a hidden gem or just hidden? They have a bit more variety than the standard fish soup stall, with dishes like scallop noodles and kidney mee sua. Their mixed grill platter ($17.90) is a chef-recommended signature, and includes the air-flown sirloin steak from Australia so I couldn’t pass it up. If you’re tackling this one alone, make sure you’ve brought a strong appetite, because it’s a monster of a plate. Besides the steak, there was grilled chicken, grilled fish, hot dog, some broccoli (the menu said “vegetable medley”) and battered fries.

Bus Lines With Stations Closest To Opposite Beauty World Centre In Singapore

If you like your chilli sauce hot, their fiery, intensely orange version will likely set your tastebuds ablaze. Some people might not know that Beauty World Food Centre is one of Singapore’s rare privately-owned hawker centres. Built in the 1980s, the unique “rooftop” food centre is home to heritage food stalls that have been there for decades, as well as next-generation hawkerpreneurs selling handmade burgers and cold brews. And then there’s the one-of-a-kind Korean beer garden, and even a hip new taproom. Just don’t drop by too early as most of the stalls aren’t open until noon. If you like travel and you like tasting the local food, there is interesting information about the places we have visited.

The fresh green vegetables were by far the best thing here, which really isn’t saying much for the quality of the yong tau fu to be honest. The spinach was sweet and fresh-tasting, the kelp-looking greens were crunchy and rich, with just a hint of that liquid they were suspended in. I also had some really processed-looking otah, which were flavourful enough to cut through the tom yum, but also had a slightly odd aftertaste. The big meatball had a good texture and plenty of flavour too.

It could be tweaked to extract a bit more sweetness, as its acidity overpowered other tastes and was lacking in bitterness. I felt the beans had more to give, and perhaps a slightly finer grind size or higher temperature would present a better picture. Espresso ($3) made from Nylon Four Chairs, a Catuai varietal blend that was bright and citrusy. It was extracted well, but perhaps a darker roast would suit Singaporeans’ taste buds better. That being said, their baristas are skillful and pride themselves in making a good cup of coffee. A selection of all-day brunch meals like yogurt bowls, croissant sandwiches and breakfast fry-ups are available, with prices going from $10 to $17.

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